let’s be honest, ever since we were probably the age of 5, we’ve always thought about the future. what we want to be when we grown up; how we want to look; independence. the strange thing is, no one can really picture what their future is going to look like. it’s in the unknown, and yes, you can plan for it. but that doesn’t mean that it will come into fruition. when i think about my future, i can picture about seven scenarios. and i might just list them below.

– a SCAD alum trying to make her way into the fashion world in NYC. bold and fearless, not worrying about how others view me. all the while strutting up and down the streets of the concrete jungle just like Carrie Bradshaw.

– finding a man; falling in love. (that’ll be the day) raising a family in a relatively normal home. spending most of my time doing creative things around my home and loving and encouraging the kiddos.

– writing… writing, writing, writing. writing what you might ask? possibly a book. a book about what? a book about love. or for a fashion magazine. either of the two would be a dream come true. the power and creativity of words is astounding. and i’ve always liked words.

– wedding planner/director/runner-of-the-shindig. weddings are one of the most beautiful things on earth. i happen to adore them, and i wouldn’t mind making a living for myself being a part of them on a weekly basis.

– working with a ministry. i have a heart for impacting people for Christ. i know this already, and there’s nothing like serving the Lord for those underprivileged than i.

– living with my parents forever because i didn’t take school seriously. (this is the future i don’t like as much). working at starbucks for the rest of my life.

– dream: travel the world for a living. somehow.

so there you have it, a tidbit of the many ways i could see my future unfolding. but the thing is no one has control over the future. no one, that is, except Christ. let’s just think about that for a second… we don’t really have that much say as to what our future will behold, yet we think about multiple times a day, and that Christ will be the one to determine what happens in that far-off dreamworld called the future. as humans we don’t like being told that other people will decide things for us, but in this way we need to give up what we think is right. God knows the plans he has for us, plans for us to prosper and give us a hope and a future.

we can’t even imagine what the Lord has in store with us. isn’t that the crazy part. it says in ephesians 4 that he will do immeasurably more than we could even ask or imagine. now let’s think about that. if we delight ourselves in the Lord, he knows the desires of our hearts and then he promises to do immeasurably more than we can even fathom. why would we not trust this? i could dream about my “perfect” future. say it was: graduating from SCAD, nailing a job with a designer in the fashion-capital, working my butt off but loving it, showing some top dogs my own sketches and making it big time. God has more in store than i can even imagine though! isn’t that the exciting part?

it doesn’t matter where we end up though. i could end up in a big city, at a camp, in suburbia, or even in another country and it’s all about what i carry once i get to wherever i end up. and i don’t mean brands like louis vuitton, kavu, chloe, or michael kors. i mean Jesus. our generation is a generation that knows names. like the four names i just spouted off a sentence ago; most of you know, or have heard of, what they are. just like recognizing those kind of brands, people should be able to recognize the brand of Christ in your life no matter where your future takes you. this means you could be working for the ritz or for anything short of that. either way, if you don’t carry Christ, you really carry nothing. He IS all. there is nothing without him.

let’s focus our futures on bringing glory to God. because that’s the only thing that is a definite. he knows our plans. we do not. but that’s part of the beauty of it! what more could you want than an unfathomable future that gives praise to the One?