i’m thinking that i’m going to start a new little segment to this blog. something i like to think of as “i-take-too-many-pictures-so-i-might-as-well-share-them-with-the-world.” so what i plan on doing is scrolling through my master file of photos here on the ole mac and writing about whatever it is i may land on. here’s to saying that some days will be funny, somedays, will make no sense, and some days will be quite insightful. but for starters, it’s mostly just a recap of a fun day with some special friends.

pictured above is an emu from the not so common place referred to as the Little Ponderosa Zoo, and i’m really quite proud of this shot. anywho, little ponderosa is a one of a kind place; it’s a hands on zoo! what is better than that? i had seen some billboards advertising for the place and decided that this place MUST be paid a visit during the summer of 2010. it was indeed a memorable time, and i had the pleasure of spending this day with my friends kevin, adam, and rachel. each of us were LPZ virgins if you know what i mean. but fully embraced this unusual adventure. let’s just say that kevin nearly lost his hand to a camel, a goat was eating adam’s shirt at one point, and ostriches are officially the scariest creatures on the planet. all in all, this zoo is wild and crazy, and i, for one, am crazy about it. any place where you can take pictures of animals that aren’t barred in like at normal zoos is my kind of place.