last year i overheard my friend kari talking about books to a girl that i didn’t really know too well. the girl i didn’t know too well said such a profound, yet simple, thing that it really got me to thinking. she said that she hadn’t read any books in such a long time because she is so consumed with reading the Bible. she continued to say that “why would i read about all these other things when there are still so many things i can learn about my faith right here.” then it hit me… why have i never truly read the Bible? so i set out on this feat of reading God’s Word cover to cover some time last year in the fall i believe. i should probably be farther along than i am, but it’s not a race so i’m taking my time. right now i’m stuck in 1 chronicles. i don’t know if anyone out there has mulled over the pages of 1 chronicles, but i’ll be the first to tell you… it isn’t the most exciting text in the world.

you see, the chronicles are really a family tree. it recounts all that has happened in Scripture up to this point. right now i’ve really just been trying to pronounce some of these names right. seriously… look at some of these: azmaveth, maharai, benaiah, shemaiah, bakbakkar, ibneiah, merib-baal, elienai, eber, and shuthelah just to name a few. this book is really being a challenge to get through, and i find myself getting frustrated time and time again just because i don’t see the point. but today it was like i finally got it. God’s mighty hand was so at work throughout the family tree that he spoke into being; you can read over and over how his chosen people turned away from him and built other gods in his place. but the Lord always prevails. it’s still a challenge to push through a lot of the wordiness of this message (including all the funky names). however, i have found some names that i absolutely love; names that i would even name a son: levi, asher, and this names a little different but it’s beautiful… naphtali. ah, music to my ears. okay, back to the root of what i was saying… the Lord brought about a great victory, and it says exactly that in 1 chronicles 11:14. a great victory is exactly what we have to look forward to too! if we keep pressing on toward Christ, there is SUCH a great victory in store for us. and that victory IS Christ. isn’t that beautiful?