ready for a random photo? regardless if you are or not, you’re getting one.

just some happy pb+j, i’d say. i took this last summer at the indian boundaries campground in tellico plains where my family and about 6 other families goes annually. it’s always a summer highlight. no cell phone service, sleeping in tents, laying around the lake all day… and did i mention not showering? yep, it’s become a little tradition that a few of us hearty campers take on. i guess it kind of is a little gross, but hey, we’re camping! so i say, who needs to be clean… a little dirt never hurt anybody. (this must sound funny coming from the girl who couldn’t imagine stepping in grass in some particular shoes that she owns… as vain as that sounds). but this weekend isn’t for looking prim + proper, it’s about being one of the boys (so to speak)! and it’s oh so very fun. just picture a day when you wake up and go for a jog (or bike ride) through the woods, followed with some camp breakfast and kayaking on the lake, toss in some reading or the occasional trip to a waterfall, a campfire, a guitar, and some really, really fun friends. BAM! best days ever.

… i sure am going to miss this trip this year.