photos: taken today in the winter wonderland that is literally right in our backyards.
as you can tell by today’s photo caption, knoxville has SNOW. now that’s uncommon. but it’s so wonderful! i’m one of those crazy people that loves colder weather mostly because it’s a good excuse to build a fire. winter is one of those special times of year that is so easily looked over as just being the uncannily, cold season with its skeleton-like tree branches and whispering, frigid winds. i like to look on the flipside of things when referring to this time of year. it’s the one time when it’s okay to stay at home hunkered down by the fireplace with something warm to drink, a wonderful book or possibly a skein of yarn, and just waste the day away in cozy knits enjoying yourself. that brings me to another wonderful aspect of winter… the clothes. i don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like layering up a bunch of big sweaters and multiple scarves. plus i love the look and feel of big coats, boots, and mittens. call me strange for not being a “summer girl” –as so many are– but colder weather is just my forte. don’t get me wrong, i love summertime and all that comes with it (ie: camping, sundresses, + popsicles), but there’s just a certain air of romance in winter. think about all of the cute winter movie romances: serendipity when they meet on the ice skating rink at the end, titanic when jack falls in love with rose and rose falls equally in love with jack, and sleepless in seattle when they meet at the top of the empire state building on valentine’s day. see there’s just something special about winter. it’s a cozy, comfortable time. and it shouldn’t be wished away! so go make yourself a cup of hot coco, simmer down by a warm fire, and lounge the day away. and if you absolutely must… feel free to day dream of summer days to come.