why is that we so often give up on our dreams? each one of us has that inkling of an idea that we can imagine ourselves doing but can’t seem to grasp the tangibility of the idea. therefore, we just let it rest in the back of our minds… making us happy when the time is right… and sometimes letting us down when we know it really is too late to pounce on that dream. but who are we to say that our dreams are unable to become realities? it’s stated plain and simple in luke 1:27-

for nothing is impossible with God.

that statement is absolute TRUTH. yet somehow, we don’t listen to it! for someone who created the respiratory system, colors, photosynthesis, and feathers… i think he could handle our worldly dreams. and not only could he “handle” them, he could create beautiful things that we can’t even fathom into our dreams! if only we would have the faith to rely on him to do this. God can use our dreams in ways that we don’t understand. and the thing is… he wants to use our dreams! he created each of us with different passions, and he did this for a reason. we are called to tell all peoples of the earth about Jesus and his grace and freedom. so of course we all have different passions! this way, Jesus name will be spread to all different kinds of people. you could end up working backstage at broadway productions in NYC, as a park ranger at yellowstone, a janitor at a highschool, or in a dangerous place in africa. as different as each of these occupations are from one another, they all share a commonality. the people around them need to hear the name of Jesus. follow your passions, but make sure you carry the name of Jesus. when you carry his name, beautiful, amazing, surprising things happen. there are absolutely no limits to his power. and his power lives within us! all we need to do is put him at the center of our lives and live our lives in pursuit of him. seems simple enough, right?