today’s chosen photo happens to be a family picture. everyone all together now… DAWWWWW. the picture below was taken aboard the norwegian dawn also known as… the cruise ship that gets caught in cold weather.

well, now that that’s out there, i just want to say that we did have a good time regardless of the inclement wishes of mother nature. one thing the weather did NOT affect, however, was the food. and boy, oh boy, was there food. on our last night at dinner i proposed the question, “what are you going to miss the most when we get off the ship?” to be honest, i can’t remember what everyone said, but i do remember my response… mostly because i still miss it. i’m sure you’re curious as to what this food/activity/commodity could possibly be. but i’m going to try to stretch the suspense a little longer. there are countless things to be missed: the gym overlooking the ocean, food at your fingertips 24/7, having your bed made down every night, towel shaped animals… the list could go on and on. but no, it wasn’t those things that i’ll miss. (except for having you’re bed turned down… that really was nice). but what i’ll miss the most is: raspberry + lemon sorbet! i’m sure you’re thinking… what an odd and unsatisfactory thing to miss. but ACTUALLY it’s my favorite tastes in all the world, and i just so happened to get that for dessert every night after dessert. having that this picture has to do with dinner and food, i will probably leave it at that! i could go on and on about the other activities (like diving or dancing or hilarious shows) of this christmas cruise, but i’ll save those for a later time. until then, let’s eat.

oh, one more thing. i just want to point out how immensely thankful i am for my family. it’s a rare treasure to have to parents who aren’t divorced and still love each other, let alone love their children more than themselves. here’s a quick shoutout to mom and dad (i don’t know if either of you read this… or if you even know that i have a blog, but nonetheless), I LOVE YOU, and i am thankful for you every single day. as with any child, it’s hard to express this thankful  attitude, or even a positive attitude towards your parents. it’s something that we are called to do: respect our parents. i’ll be honest, i need to work on this. i also need to work on expressing my love and gratitude for them. it’s one thing to say that you love someone, it’s another to mean it. and as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. that old saying is actually RIGHT. if you ask me, that is. i could say that i love peas until the cows come home, but that doesn’t mean that i actually love to eat peas. in fact, those peas would probably still be sitting on my dinner plate until said cows actually arrived at home. thus proving my point that sometimes words are just words, and they can be faulty. so my goal for now is to exhibit love for my parents, not just in words, but in ways they can see; in ways they can smell; in ways they can touch. how about that for switching things up a little?