be still, and know that I am God.

– Psalm 46:10

words we’ve all heard, but so often look over. i came across this verse as i was reading Jesus Calling by sarah young this morning, and i was compelled to… be still. i sat, here, where i am still sitting now, at my most favorite desk in the world, staring out my bedroom window into the gray, snowy weather that my creator created. let’s just think about that for a second. be still + know that I am God. he alone is God. he created the way snow forms; he had an image of how he wanted it to look when millions of snowflakes landed on a fir tree. he, and he alone, is the only one in control. yet so often, we find ourselves wanting to be the control centers with our hands on the joystick of life planning out which way we can better ourselves. and this thinking, this control issue, is wrong. we need to TRUST HIM. be still + know that I am God. our God is not a condemning God. he is freeing, redeeming God. when we think that we finally comprehend Christ’s love, we don’t even understand the half of it. that is how awesome he is. He is so much greater than we can even fathom. and isn’t that a wonderful thing? we so often find ourselves wanting to figure everything out: who likes me? a surprise party? puzzles? math equations? and once we’ve figured them out, yes, there is satisfaction. but we always find ourselves wanting more. let’s be honest, we like challenges. so now you ask… “alright, so there’s this God and i’ll never be able to figure him out, even though figuring things out makes me happy and like i’ve accomplished something, and it’s going to be the biggest challenge to figure this guy out because it says in his book called the Bible that i’ll never be able to understand how great he is?” the challenge here is: be still + know that I am God. it’s not a big riddle, something incomprehensible that seems unsolvable. but it IS a challenge. with school starting tomorrow, things about to spin out of control with school assignments, new friends, your own things you like to do, and somewhere in that mix Jesus is supposed to fall into place. but you see, we’ve warped our thinking. JESUS needs to be the foundation for all of these things. be still + know that I am God. our God is the ultimate. he is fierce; he is passionate. our God has a sense of humor; even we can put a grin on His face! he knows every good thing for us and has set up an intricate path for us to follow. he has promised blessings to those who love him; and he will fulfill those promises. He is the father of Jesus Christ, our Savior, who came when he didn’t have to. God alone created science, math, and music. just try to wrap your mind around that. (it’s hard for me to understand moles and the pythagorean theorem, and to think that he thought them up; BLOWS MY MIND.) our God is more than any words i could write here. be still + know that I am God.