a strawberry a day keeps the doctor away. actually, that’s not true. and i just made it up. but it’s mostly not true because i rarely ever eat strawberries, and i also rarely ever need a doctor. strawberries are one of those foods that i wish i loved. they’re just so cute, and everyone always raves about how good they are. especially the chocolate kind. (side note: one year for valentine’s day a boy snagged me a few chocolate covered strawberries, and i couldn’t just not eat them, so i had to pretend to like them…. even though i didn’t.) honestly, i try to make myself like them sometimes. i’m the same with watermelon, coffee, and hot tea. these are just some of the things i’ll try every so often in hopes of acquiring a taste for them. it’s starting to work a little for the hot tea though, thanks to Amanda Muirhed serving me up some  soothing pear-tea.  back to the fruit of the situation, the picture to the left was taken in august last summer at my grandparents’  condo in panama city. the family + bradley took a little vacay time after those two lovebirds finished working at woodlands camp for the summer. i think it was a much needed trip for the two of them; very relaxing after working hard day in and day out all summer long. the things i remember most from this little florida trip are: reading the wonderful eat, pray, love by elizabeth gilbert, doing a little work for peachtree studios poolside, and being a 5th wheel at dinner every night. but i don’t have a problem with that! not with this crowd, anyways. you can’t really go wrong with some people you love, a good book, sand + sea, and some conch fritters.