this morning i woke up just as i do any other day; however, something about today was different. as i was digging into the Word this morning, with the help of some author friends: sarah young + donna partow, my dad knocks on my door. i’m already thinking, “well this is unusual” especially now that he said that his hands are full and he needs me to open the door for him. and there he stands holding not just one but two cinnamon buns and a cup of grape juice. (this man knows how to treat a girl right). out of my shock, of how wonderful this morning was, i found myself thinking, “i feel like a princess.” you’re probably thinking that i’m nuts for thinking this morning so noteworthy just because i received a non-nutritious breakfast and cracked the Bible. but in all honesty, i sat on my throne of a chair (that is literally falling apart), dawning a white robe and a towel crown, eating my cinnamon buns with the etiquette of a princess. the thing is, you see, i am a princess. and so are you! (or a prince- whatever suits your fancy). in John 1:12 it says that we are the children of God. and he if is the King of Kings, and it says that we are his children… then that means that we are each princes and princesses. this isn’t just a fantasy. it’s truth. time and time… and time again, i find myself believing satan’s lies. i’m worthless. i’m a failure. no one will ever want me. i’m not good enough. i’m ugly. these are LIES. i buy into these and others just about as easily as a new mother has to buy diapers. and you know what? the stench is the same. i know that i am not alone into buying these simple lies. and here’s to saying this: these lies can, and will, be overcome through Christ. we are children of God. how is this not significant?! yet, somehow, i (and i’m sure others) always seem to push that piece of knowledge onto the backburner. let’s bring reality back in and fight for truth. that we’re not worthless or a failure, but that we’re chosen and intentional for such a time as this.