yesterday commenced my second semester at the university of tennessee. and it was anything short of dazzling. or exciting. as i was walking the same places, i found myself already thinking… here i go, another melancholy day at the ole university. in short, that’s what it was. melancholy. i don’t know why it is so hard for me to have a good attitude about school, but sometimes i simply cannot help myself. however, i do want to make this semester better. i’m hoping to live each day with more intentions. with more interest in what i’m doing. and with pizazz. this morning as i was reading through the Good Book, God spoke to me saying, “I know what’s in store for you today; you don’t… so lean on me and speak my name whenever you feel lost.” he certainly did know each thing in store for me today. he knew that i’d get a decent parking spot and that i would wander around the hill looking for some strange building called dabney-buehler. (strange mostly because it’s a chemistry + physics hall). he knew that i’d sit down by an unknown someone in economics and get up 20 seconds later to sit by max and his amigos. he knew that i’d run into anderson, amber, + stephanie while walking to singers. he knew that i’d be feeling gloomy outside pondering the bitterness of the wintry weather, which is so unlike myself. he knew that i would be feeling exhausted and not myself in singers. he knew that i would shed a tear after class. he knew megan would have the right things to say. and he knew that two literally gigantic football players would hit on me. he knew, he knew, he knew. let’s face it, i had no idea what this day was going to hold. but even though i didn’t have any plans, this day did not go according to plan. you know you how you always imagine how the first day of class will go: “you’ll be more outgoing this time; i’ll be in a good mood all day seeing my friends again; i love college and already plan on skipping class lalalalala!” well, now you know, today wasn’t the best of days. granted it definitely wasn’t the worst. it was just weird. maybe i’m just down in the dumps because i’m going to have to do academic things now. eeek. that sure is something that instigates complaints from this mouth.

i wish i had some interesting/inspirational/profound things to say. but it appears as though i do not. it also appears that i’ve rambled enough about my day. did anyone out there on the other side of the screen have an interesting day? do tell.