ye be warned: long post ahead

there are currently a myriad of thoughts sifting through my mind. and i’ve been a writing-spree a lot recently, so here goes another one. today was the second day of classes, also known as the first day of classes for tuesday/thursday. and as i was waiting in the 20 degree weather for my class to start, i was questioning… what is this place? here i am, standing outside of haslam (the business building at UT, for those of you who don’t know what that is) and underneath the stokely management center and there’s a classroom here…? looking back on the scenario, it was much like waiting for the train at platform 9 and 3/4. anywho, once the doors for the room were cleared, i entered the dungeon soon to be released five minutes later. looks like the biology 102 teacher didn’t want to have much to do with biology 102 today. i was so disappointed. (i hope you can literally feel my sarcasm seeping through those letters in bold). so for the next hour and a half of my life, i chatted with my long lost friend trevor whom i had literally seen only twice since school started in august. in all honesty, i was kind of hoping to blog during this break time that i had, but i decided that narcissistic writings could wait for another time; this was time to be involved in good conversation. trevor is kind of a mythological creature in a way. i always hear about him… but never see him. until now! so it was good to sit and speak with the boy and learn about his life and views of college and such. turns out that we have many of the same opinions toward the ole university. following our conversation, i went to another dungeon. this one in the art + architecture building. turns out this dungeon is actually a sculpture studio… so now, if you’ve actually read all of this rambling, you might be thinking… “you’re in a sculpture studio; you sculpt?!” the answer to that is simple: NO. but apparently i will. i will actually be using lots of strange medias this semester. and i could not be more nervous. i’m serious. i was sitting in class today just thinking, “i don’t know if i can do this; God, please let the creative juices flow this semester.” i told myself over and over philippians 4:13… art is kind of an uncommon venue to call attention to that verse. but i am claiming that verse for that class. i am not going to go into the semester doubting myself. nervousness is acceptable, and hopefully i will surprise myself with the outcomes of the various projects. here’s to working with wood, plastic, and oil paints in 3-d.

this afternoon i was able to spend some quality time with a few different friends. all in spontaneity. (which happens to be my specialty, spontaneity that is). a visit to my friends in south carrick: tucker + patrick. it’s always hilarious, sarcastic time with them. and after this i ventured to jess griz’s house, my long lost middle and high school small group leader and cherished friend. somehow she concocted a wonderful recipe for maple flavored scones. walking into her house today was like walking into a pancake house, and it was absolutely delightful. speaking of delightful, summer jansen was also present on this little venture. the three of us had lovely conversations of weddings, camp, starbucks, and passion. i couldn’t have asked for more.

and tonight was west park’s college small groups! i had seriously been looking forward to it all day. not only were there excessive laughs at dinner tonight about nonsensical things, but cathy perelman’s food exceeded goodness. tonight was bbq, which is quite possibly my favorite meat. and there were also a lot of apples present which made me even more excited! but more than that was the presentation of a new study. a heart that dances by catherine martin. i’m anxious to wake up tomorrow morning to see what the first day says. i’m so craving to hear and learn from the Lord. and i absolutely adore the idea of dancing with him. dance, dance, dance.

p.s. i’m sorry about the lengthiness of this. looks like i can just get carried away.