a morning filled with being still, my nose stuck in God’s Word, and worshipping along with praise music. (if you would have told me a mere 10 months ago that an hour spent in the Word would seem like 5 minutes, i would have laughed in your face… now i say, is that even enough time?). i recently wrote about being still before the Lord, and that verse is reverberating throughout my mind. it seems as if everything i read has to do with being still, or being quiet, or the kicker.. waiting patiently. as i sat here at my window this morning, i read a verse that sort of takes a different spin on being quiet in the presence of the Lord.

this is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “in repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.

isaiah 30:15

this verse put things into a different perspective for me. think about this, by having neither rest not quietness, we have lost the accompaniment to those things: salvation and strength. it is through stillness and silence that we give the Lord a chance to speak to us, and it gives us the chance to learn about him. and who doesn’t want to learn more about the Creator of love, food, and creativity. (i don’t know about you… but love, food, and creativity are thoughts that frequently sift through my mind). the Lord says that if we call on him, he will answer. he is standing at the door knocking–waiting for us to open the door (revelation 3:20). it’s that simple. he is desiring for us to let him inside, but sometimes we simply don’t hear the knock. or sometimes we ignore it. i know i’m guilty of doing that when i hear a knock at my tangible front door… sometimes my music will be too loud, or i’ll be drying my hair and miss the knock; other times, i find myself thinking that i don’t look presentable enough to let whoever it may be on the other side of the door to see me. isn’t this the same with Christ? we listen to everything else but his voice… and miss his knock. we think that we look disgusting, covered in sin. and embarrassment. and guilt. and we refuse to answer the call because we’re ashamed. but Christ is still there knocking, waiting for you regardless of your “appearance.” that’s the beauty of the situation. all we need to do is listen, which is sometimes the hardest thing to do. it all starts with being still.