do you ever just feel restless? guess what, i do right now. these feelings could be inspired by a recent conversation i had about traveling all over the world or the fact that i simply cannot sit still for too very long. actually i take that back, there are times when i can sit for very long amounts of time doing some sort of act of randomicity (and yes, i know that randomocity isn’t exactly a word… but let’s face it, it sounds a lot more awesome than randomness). back to what i was saying, i had my itunes on shuffle and what song just happened to float into my ears? none other than new york state of mind by the one, the only, the piano man, BILLY JOEL. music happens to be a pretty big part of my life, if you didn’t know this, and billy joel just so happens to be the man. and the song previously stated was not only literally music to my ears… but figuratively. how ’bout them apples? i seriously have a drive for that city. at some point in my life i will live there, i think. not long term, but at least for half a year. it’s all planned out in my mind. phew, another tangent. maybe i’ll write about something with substance sometime soon. until then… enjoy the piano man.