so i’m sitting here at my spot having just finished my first sketchbook assignment thinking about the past weekend that i’ve had with some really grand friends and about the fact that i’m going to have to walk the streets of UT in the morning. all i keep thinking is how much i don’t want to go. that i don’t want to do any work. that things will be too hard or pointless, yadda yadda yadda. but the thing is, no matter how much i complain, i still have to go. it’s true, i could skip, but i always feel guilty when i do that. (except when it’s for a really good reason… or just to sleep in). i find it so interesting how some people are so driven to do the whole “college education” thing. and others aren’t. trust me, i understand the importance of a degree. but at the same time, i hear people talking about how they never use their degree or even better… success stories of people who never went to college. personally, i love those stories; they went against what everyone else told them and turned into big shots! kudos to you if you did that. as for me, i am in for a degree. yippee! i’ll be honest with you, i enjoy learning, and there are some classes that do actually seem interesting. like psychology, for instance, or most history classes; those are actually interesting to me. ooh, and english- as spacey as that can get; i love it. but other classes (not even science or math related) can be so irrelevant. my communications class for instance, was simply a time filler, and i’m pretty sure i didn’t learn hardly anything from it. needless to say, why are we forced to take all of these silly classes that we don’t actually need? the thing that gets me is that we pay for these classes. as americans we usually don’t pay for things that we don’t want. i mean, why pay for a shrimp salad if you’re allergic to seafood? people just don’t do that. because it’s irrelevant and a waste of money. that’s how i’m feeling about the ole university right now. these are not good thoughts to have… and i am working on changing them. but for now, i still have a stats class at 8:10 in the morning.

yikes, this was very complain-y. and i am quite apologetic about that. hopefully it won’t happen again soon!