anything can be art, but not all art is beautiful. isn’t that such an interesting concept? i’ve been doing quite a bit of research on various artists, sculptors mostly. why on earth would i be doing this? because come thursday, i will be sculpting/mold-maing/casting, whatever term makes you happy. to get a general idea of the concept of casting, i read a rather lengthy description of the process. as i was reading all the different terms and phases, i was completely clueless as to what was going on. that is, until i got to the end of the pamphlet. i have an inkling of how this whole process works… not getting up to that point. which brings me back to the artists i’ve been looking at: do ho suh, vanessa beecroft, donald judd, and louise bourgeois to name a few. artists are nuts. and you know what, that is awesome. a cool thing about art is that… well, anything is art. especially if there are multiples of the item. i could take the gideon Bible laying here on my desk (that i often cut up for art purposes) and add about 100 more, either stack them up in odd piles or hang them from the ceiling, and… BAM! you’ve got art. simple as that. the funny thing about art though, it’s not all beautiful. granted, the creator thinks that his/her piece is beautiful. but in all honesty, some art is just plain weird. i suppose that’s the beauty of it though.

above is a piece created by tara donovan. paper plates + glue. apparently that’s all you need for some cool art.