you know the feeling when you wake up in the morning and you think that your day is going to be relatively simple and mundane? i had that feeling today… UNTIL Jesus decided to throw a little curve ball into my thinking. as i met with him early this morning, he revealed the utter significance of today. the fact that he planned out every step, every conversation, every breath… is pretty remarkable. he also said that he’s not going to make things easy for us. he’s going to give us trials, and there are going to be things that are hard and/or frustrating. but that’s when his glory is most revealed. this got me thinking, life isn’t about taking the easy route. try to name one person that has really made a name for themselves that took the easy way of doing things. (it’s pretty tough wouldn’t you say?) and as Christ followers, why do we think that we should have the easy way of life? our minds have been warped, and each time we face trial we seek a way out. it’s time to go against our minds. (it’s all really just a mind battle). it’s time to cling to the Lord and depend on Him. every trial we face should be surrendered to him; this is when the King of Kings can really show off. this doesn’t mean we just throw a situation in God’s face saying, “phew, i can’t do this, sure hope you can.” we need to be willing to climb the high mountains with God. what does that mean? that we can just drop things in God’s lap and not do any work. we still need to work hard, but we need to work hard with God and for his glory. this is just a little reminder to carry Jesus name with you everywhere you go… the hard places, the easy places, and the mild places in between. speak Jesus name today. carry him with you! we don’t know what kind of turmoil might erupt throughout our day, or what joy might explode, but in either circumstance, cling to the Lord.

and just a side note into my day, my statistics teacher is probably about 25 years old and he kept cracking all of these dumb jokes about math; no one laughed. no one, that is, except for me. but you know what? i kind of love being that person that laughs. why hold in laughter when you can let it out?! that’s my second tip for the day: let out a big, gut-wrenching, belly laugh. because those are the best. (however, mine this morning was more of just a giggle, possibly a snicker…. but today’s just beginning also).