you know the days that you have planned out because they start early and last long? the days that should run fairly normal? that is… if you remember to set your alarm clock. what did i forget to do last night in my slumbering wakefulness, push the teeny tiny button that let’s me know when to drag my body out of bed. thus being said, i wake up at approximately 7:46 (who knows why…); class starts at 8:10. i was faced with a dilemma. to go to class or to not go to class, that is the question. after ranting and raving about never getting anything right, i decided, to class i shall go. and to class i did go; ten minutes late. with all things considered (you know like, dressing myself, brushing my teeth, having a temper tantrum, driving downtown, parking, walking, blah blah blah)… not a bad time! but amidst the new record time of getting to campus and in a classroom, i found myself angry. i was mad at myself. mad at the cars around me. mad at my alarm clock. and mad that i hadn’t showered and didn’t have on any makeup. phew. the thing is though, we are not to be angry. and moreso, we are not to sin in our anger. our words. our thoughts. our attitudes. we so often claim that “i was just mad, i didn’t mean what i said.” but in reality, what we say is where our hearts are. what we think is where our hearts are. and all of that is reflected in our actions. ephesians 4:26 says, “be angry and yet do not sin.” it is okay to be angry; even the Lord becomes angry. (however, he is slow to become angry [psalm 145:8]–whereas we are ever so quick to become angry). we need to give our anger to the Lord; not hold onto it to use selfishly as an excuse. that usually just worsens the situation. what is really at issue when it comes to sin through anger is a heart issue. think about where your heart really lies when you are angry and saying words that you would never usually say. what does this say about your heart? that it’s okay to act against God’s Word sometimes? that’s what other people will see. and that isn’t okay! it’s time to reevaluate our hearts. and to give them completely to the Lord. if anyone has the right to be angry, it is God and God alone. our mouths and actions are meant to give him praise. to give him praise at all times, not just the happy times, but the angry, depressing, and frustrating times too.

these words are certainly something that i need to meditate on. these words are not mine. they’re the Lord’s! (they just happen to have my dialect.)