it’s time for an introduction to a near and dear person in my life….. my most favorite sister.

 photo taken on carrie + eric mitchell's wedding day. (be sure to look fro brycie-boo in this shot).

photo taken on carrie + eric mitchell's wedding day. (be sure to look for brycie-boo in this shot).

this girl here happens to be my older and only sister, caitlyn. as you can tell from the above picture, we’re basically identical in every way. that is… if you only looked at our giant pearly whites. look at any other of our physical attributes and you would simply think that we’re friends. but no siree, we are indeed biological sisters; isn’t that great!? i think so, because she is such a wonderful person. and she just so happens to be getting married 70 days. (that officially sounds nuts). but i couldn’t be more excited for her! she’ll be starting a whole new exciting phase of life, and it’s going to be really cool to watch the Lord work in and through her and bradley, the fiance. but back to caitlyn, she really is the greatest; she’s more creative than she thinks she is. and she somehow is always looking perfect… whether she’s trying on wedding dresses or after she’s hiked 10 miles. she has more patience than most people and has an even bigger heart. as we’ve gotten older we’ve developed this friendship between us, and it’s been really cool to live this new, fun life together. we can often be little pranksters. and we can also become very silly, very quickly. you can just ask bradley; he would certainly vouch for that. all this being said, i really do love this girl!

after all, she is my favorite sister.