it’s time to give the Lord thanks.

thank you for trials; for through this comes knowing you deeper.

thank you for allowing prayers in a foggy car amidst a dark and lost university.

thank you for delicious food, every single day.

thank you for godly friends named joy, molly, and savannah.

thank you for allowing time to spend with long lost friends in a tee-peed art building.

thank you for 1/100,000,000 of your creativity.

thank you for freedom; in our country and in you.

thank you for a really awesome sister that speaks truth into my life.

(thank you for finding her a really awesome boyfriend/fiance/husband too!)

thank you for placing me in challenging places, because otherwise i would depend on myself.

thank you for times of weeping and times of laughter.

thank you for times of mourning and times of dancing.

thank you for pursuing me.

thank you for romancing me.

thank you. thank you. thank you.

we don’t say those words enough. and we should. speak to the Romancer tonight and say thank you, for he alone is worthy. also, something that i learned tonight, prayer can be a wonderfully, sacred, honest time of hilarity and healing. yes, i said hilarity. Jesus has a sense of humor; in face, we make him smile, and sometimes, even giggle.