today was one of those splendidly simple days. the kind of day where you drink out of a goblet and wear a crown of rhinestones while considering yourself young and beautiful. today was one of those days i consider a blessing; a time of peace, rest, and solitude. plenty of time to finish artist book sketches (which are sketches for art that is transformed to take shape of a book, rather than a book about art) while watching some of my most favorite movies. two of which are the parent trap and you’ve got mail. they’re simply wonderful to me. any day where you can lounge in a very oversized sweater, think creatively, watch good movies, and even sew is definitely an idyllic day in my opinion.

and it’s nuts to think that this day wouldn’t have even occurred if it wasn’t for the Creator sustaining my breath throughout the day. (thank you to francis chan for that explanation). imagine living your day as if your breath could be withheld from you at any moment… now picture this, that previous statement is a reality. we have no control over our breathing! God is the one who lets us respire millions of times per day. after all, he’s the one who thought up the respiration system; i’d say he’s pretty good at controlling it. in all honesty though, we do not know if we will have another breath in this life. Lord willing, we will, but that’s just the thing… Lord willing. it is HIS will that prevails, not ours. we can plan out our lives all we want and think nothing of it. but does anyone see a problem with this? we plan out our lives, yet we have absolutely no control about what tomorrow brings! just like the man in james 4 who plans out the next year of his life to move away and make a profit, we do the same thing. the other thing that we have in common with this new testament man and his plans: it is sin. what makes this planning a sin you might ask? the arrogance that goes into accordance with it. we assume that we know what our future entails and exhibit arrogance about what we “know” will come to fruition. but we are completely in the wrong in doing so. we need to say, “if it is the Lord’s will, we will ______ and do _______.” (james 4:15) we need to surrender our plans for his plans. we need to say “Lord, what pleases you? Take me there. Let me leverage my life and my plans to please you.” there is such peace in giving your future over to the Lord. psalm 115:3 says that God is in heaven and does what he pleases. that being said, he absolutely will guide our lives. we are his finest creation; made in his image. he does what he pleases with our lives, and what he pleases is far better than what we could “plan out” on our own.

many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

proverbs 19:21