do you ever think about how much we need to be discerning as you go throughout the day? kind of a funny question when you think about it. to discern is to “to perceive by the sight or some other sense or by the intellect” (thanks in other words, it’s to distinguish realistic things about something in a circumspective way. i was reading in hosea this morning about how the israelites turned their back on the Lord, time and time again. he uses discernment and really knows what is going on in their hearts. as we grow more and more intimately with Christ, he gives us a portion of his discernment. it comes as we spend time in His Word and then live out what we read. aren’t we often so quick to forget what we’ve read in the Holy Word? isn’t it easy to have a nice chat with the Lord and read a few impacting verses and then forget about all of it a mere 2 hours later? we are just like the israelites. we turn our backs on the Lord; we do whatever we want to do; we have no remorse. do you know what this is? prostitution. woah, woah, woah. did i just call out a bunch of Bible believers as being ones to “get around” shamelessly? absolutely. because that’s what we do. Christ is the bridegroom, and as his bride, we are to be faithful to him. yet we so often choose other things over him. we spend intimate time with meaningless, and sometimes harmful, things that are pleasing at the moment but only leave us longing for more. once in prostitution, it is hard to be liberated. and it is extremely rare that you can do it on your own. but that’s what Christ is for. he wants to present us holy, blameless, and pure. (just as a husband is called to do for his wife in ephesians 5:22-27). picture this: a women caught in prostitution; in the act itself. there is no hiding what she has done; everything is revealed and raw. someone comes to her, longing for her. not willing to let her out of his sight because he so desires who she really is behind the mask of prostitution. he claims her; he loves her; he makes her beautiful. he shows her off because she is his prized possession. and she is sanctified. that is what Christ does for us. because he loves us and longs for us so badly. he is drawing us to him, and we are pushing away. but we are in the wrong! it’s time to relinquish our ways; our bed-hopping, so to speak. run to the pursuer. and never tire of running, because there is where holiness, joy, true love, and peace. and most of all Christ, the romancer of romancers, the pursuer of pursers, and the Giver of Life.