you know how most people dream about growing up… getting married…. buying a house… having children, blah blah blah. naturally i dream about those things too; however, there is one thing that significantly excites me more than the others. (i don’t mean to shoot down any of those other dreams, because they’re marvelous… they’re just not where i’m at in my life). now that you’re just dying to hear my response. suspense, suspense! but here it is: buying a house. as i was searching wedding blogs today, as i do on a daily basis, i found the most perfect house i have seen in quite sometime.

isn’t it so beautiful? it has an air of romance and classiness with a southern flair that i absolute adore. i seriously cannot wait for the day when i can decorate a home in any way i want. i have no doubt that it will be filled with walls of surprising colors, beautiful, vintage items, and special homey touches. ooooh! just thinking about it makes my designer senses tingle. picking out the colors, all of the interesting knick knacks, creating open spaces into beautiful rooms; what’s not to love?

just a little disclaimer: i look forward to getting married and having children too! it might sound as if i don’t want those things… but i do. just not right now! someday, those will be wonderful things. key word: someday. (but a house -or even an apartment- of my own would be delightful today!)