do you ever wonder if your food is actually authentic? hereso lies the picture of a hole in the wall mexican restaurant…. in mexico.

here’s the story for this place: after we had been diving, we asked a local guy where a good place to eat would be. (first off, he asked us what kind of food we wanted…. did he think we, as tourists, would be looking for american or italian in mexico? i don’t think so.) any who, he spouted off the name of an authentic restaurant and told us to get a cab to take us there. and that is exactly what we did. so on our way to the place, we were admiring the beaches and scenes of cozymel. then we found ourselves admiring the ghetto… and the barred windows. and the barren streets. were we about to be kidnapped? that was the thought. however, much to our surprise, the cab stopped right outside of this little restaurant. which turned out not to be little at all! i don’t really know how to describe it other than…. seriously cool. for starters, when you walk in, there was the biggest nativity scene i have ever seen in my life. it was probably about 20 feet in length of table top nativity figurines and stables. when we sat down we had the most delicious tortilla chips. (much crispier + thicker than the ones we have here in the states). pair those chips with some special sauce and BAM! you’ve got a mouth full of flavor that is extremely savory. (i say special sauce because no one really knows what it was… it wasn’t queso or salsa). the building itself of this restaurant was very unique. it was almost indoor/outdoor. as you can see, it looks as if it is completely indoors, but actually, if i had turned around and and taken another picture of the ceiling, you would be able to see about a foot and a half of empty space. i loved it! there were so many vibrant colors, plants hanging from the ceiling, food that was completely authentic, and to top it off, a mariachi band. it was a fabulous experience.


p.s. los calcetines is pretty much the only thing i remember from my spanish class. it means socks.