i have a story for you:

a girl runs into an old high school friend at a basketball game on a typical thursday; neither had spoken to each other for quite some time. but he embraced her nonetheless. they made some small talk before and after the game. was there chemistry? quite possibly. they begin texting that night… and never really stopped. the next day, the boy tells the girl that she should stop by where he works. and the girl, naturally, thinks, “well, of course i’ll do that!” why wouldn’t she though? a tall, attractive boy who is pursuing Christ…. someone she would actually considering dating. (and coming from this girl that is running after things not of this world…. those words are unheard of). now we’re up to friday. the girl grabs one of her closest friends and runs off to the boy’s place of work. they arrive and walk in, proceed to look around the place; then out of nowhere, a boy shows up behind the girl saying, “hey, what’s up?” said girl turns around. does she beam at the cute boy? is there a warm embrace? was there more than just an awkward smile? NO. something sounds wrong there wouldn’t you say. that’s because something was very wrong in this situation. the boy saying what’s up to said girl is not the boy she thought she was previously texting. the boy standing in front of her now is a boy from high school with a slight creeper status that has the same name as the boy she was considering liking and potentially dating. what to do in a situation like this? a situation where you have anticipated seeing someone so much and the turn out to be a different person that you were never really longing to see. a situation where the boy standing in front of you does like you; yet you have zero romantic thoughts towards him. i’ll tell you what you do. you walk aimlessly and awkwardly through this boy’s place of employment and ten minutes later proceed to tell him that you have a show to go to and are heading out. and that is exactly what happened. much laughter and screaming was involved after walking out of the store. (and just to throw this in there too- the boy at the store told said girl to text him later after she told him she was leaving). and she did text him. she needed to clear up the confusion. and try not to break his little heart.

the funniest part about this story: it’s true. epic amounts of hilarity and despair accompanied the situation. i played the role as the good friend in this story, just to clear that one up. and to top off this night, the girl and i saw the brightest shooting star we’d ever seen in our lives. needless to say, we made some wishes. also needless to say, we had the strangest night in quite sometime.