why is it that boldness is so terrifying? in any aspect, whether it be fashion, a piece of art, an innovative question, or simply your very own actions, it always seem to make people feel uneasy. i’ve been reading about moses quite a bit this week, and i suppose it never really hit me until now of just how incredible a person he was. much like myself, he didn’t like speaking in front of large groups, and he didn’t really jump on board with being a leader. until he knew that he was called to do so. he seems to be a very normal man, going about his business of taking care of the family sheep day in and day out, coming across the occasional piece of burning vegetation where he literally heard and spoke to the Lord, and stuttering his words from time to time. today what i noticed about moses though was his sheer boldness when speaking to the Lord. in exodus 33, moses is in the tent of meeting speaking to the Lord (as if that isn’t already nuts enough), then he decides to step up and be bold with the conversation he is having with his Creator and Sustainer. towards verse 12, moses is inquisitive of what the Lord has told him to do, and he calls out all of the uncertainties that he has. he reminds God that the people he is leading is the Lord’s people… (calling out the Lord, that takes some guts). but boldest of all is this statement in verse 18: “then moses said, “now show me your glory.” it’s not every day that you see an imperative sentence meant to go to the Lord saying as such. moses did not ask the Lord to show him his glory; he commanded it. that is bold. and i don’t think many of us do that. however, i think that we should. God wants us to be bold. he wants to use our boldness so that he might get the glory. we just need to be willing to be used. boldness doesn’t just happen, as i’m sure we all know. if you were to ask me, the best way to build up boldness is by talking to Jesus boldly. he wants to be in constant communication with us, and that can be little things and big things that we speak about. but he also wants us to be bold with him. real and vulnerable. that is something our culture absolutely despises. just think of all the things that aren’t real: most of our foods, magazine ads, commercials for male hair growth or muscles, and lots of people, to be frank. and one thing people definitely want to avoid: vulnerability. no one likes to be out there hanging by a string knowing that they could be hurt and kicked to the curb. but we need to rise up and be those two things that are so often skirted around! we need to look at moses and see his realness and vulnerability that he had with God and do the same. that seems like such an intimidating thing to do. but what do we have to lose really? not a whole lot i’d say.