i did a little bit of soul searching today. trying to pry off some of the fleshy layers of myself to see what really makes me…. me. you see, i’m working on this printmaking project, and i need to create some sort of crest or emblem that personifies who i am. so as i was sitting in biology class listening to my teacher ramble on about clicker questions, giraffe necks, and antibiotics, i decided to make a list of things that i think resemble who i am. here’s a few that i came up with: fashion, writing, Jesus follower, camera, lace, books, music, trees, luggage, and gated areas to name a few. i was still trying to brainstorm about who i really am as a person, so i decided to text a few of my closest friends and simply asked, “what are some things that could resemble me?” i got quite a few responses. some made me laugh out loud. some made me raise an eyebrow. some made me reminisce.

  • shoes. “sex and the city.” fashion. starbucks. broadway. big cities. brisk autumn day. Jesus. pencil (because i’m a LEADer). a stylish clothing ensemble. a journal with no lines that has yet to be written in. some really sexy heels. an icee from breadbox. a camera. a finch. yarn. yogurt covered pretzels. a dogwood. and a rocking chair.

apparently these are the things that resemble me. in many ways, these things do indeed resemble me. i felt so… giddy while i was reading these various responses. it’s so interesting to know how other people think of who you are. it’s one thing to have an image of yourself in your mind, but often times that image is skewed by others. how we view ourselves and how others view us is sometimes far and in between how we wanted ourselves to be seen. you might be thinking… “courtney, a.) how exactly does someone see you as a yogurt covered pretzel and b.) why are you okay with it?” well you see, my dear friend joy knows just how much i adore yogurt covered pretzels (which were introduced to me by my other dear friend, amanda). and i’m okay with it because i suppose YCPs could resemble me in a way. a little salty, a little sweet. i’m pretty sure i can be both of those things. it really is so interesting to see how other people view you; it makes you examine your life a little bit. which is always a good thing to do. i challenge you: think up things that resemble you; then ask someone else what things they think resemble you. it’s really kind of fun! and you can learn about yourself, which is pretty much just a bonus.