it’s been a while since i put up a random photo. so here comes one.

you got it. 0 miles to empty. isn’t that something you always want to see in the mountains of georgia? that is exactly what my dear friends joy and jason stared at as i cruised on neutral. okay, here’s the story. as the three of us piled in the liberty and said adieu to woodlands camp, i recognized that i only had a 1/4 of a tank of gas. upon leaving camp, however, there were about 3 wrong turns. oops. we all make mistakes right. so once we’re finally on the right track, i am stammering on and on to joy about the colors of the fall leaves and how the outdoors in the fall inspires me to know end. all the while, my gas tank is drying up like a desert. we come to a fork in the road. to the left is a country bumpkin gas station that looked like it was as dry as a desert too. so with all my great and divine wisdom, i kept to the right at the fork and kept driving…. thinking, “well, there’s got to be another gas station just up the road.” i don’t think i’ve ever been more wrong in my life. we watched my gas gauge drop 10….7…..4….3… you get the picture. let’s just say  there was a lot of praying involved. and a lot of tension in the car. we sat on 2 miles left for quite a while. then one. and just as it rolled over to zero…….. a gas station appears out of thin air! overjoyed, i pull in, turn off the car, hop out with giddy excitement, and proceed to prepay at the pump, la la la. looks like i can’t prepay. that’s alright, i’ll just go inside. next thing i know…. i’m banging both fists on the front door to this little mini mart saying…. it’s locked. no. no. no. no. yes, we are now on z e r o and are still lacking in a gas station. with a few minutes of prayer (and anxiety) beforehand, i try to start the car. BAM! it works and says we have 6 (or ten…. i can’t remember) miles! we had never been so happy. somehow…. we coasted the rest of the way to sweetwater. i don’t really know how that’s possible. but that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

here’s the lesson: when/if your car warns you that you are about to run out of gas… you could probably just coast all the way to where you’re trying to go.