the heart that is forever captivated sees things that others cannot see. it has a view of heaven and a vision of the extraordinary. it experiences things that only God can do. a person with such a heart lives a supernatural lifestyles.

– catherine martin, a heart that dances

i read this today and instantly my mode of relating to the words i had just taken in was an analogy to an artist’s eye. artists don’t see things the way normal people see them. irregular rays of light stick out; shadows are more pronounced; and lines, oh the lines, they’re everywhere. artists have this innate ability to subconsciously see things in abstract ways. as the years have gone on, i would be so bold to say that my eye has developed quite nicely to see things in irregular (yet fascinating) ways. i explained this to my very best friend amanda one day while we were sitting in starbucks. an artist’s eye is something difficult to understand if you don’t have that line of vision. but what i have come to terms with as of today is… we are all in need of artist’s eyes. by saying this, i mean that we are to see things of this world differently (not necessarily artistically), but differently nonetheless. how do we do this? one simple word: faith. “for we walk by faith, not by sight”- 2 corninthians 5:7. when we live with what is unseen in mind, our lives will radically change. that’s not a might change or a “there’s a possibility that things will be different.” our lives will be drastically different if we actually walk by faith and not by sight. 2 corinthians 4:18 has it exactly right- that we are to fix our eyes on what is unseen rather than what is seen. all the things that consume our lives (rather it be clothes, tech-gadgets, cars, relationships, academics…) whatever it may be, it’s temporary. wake up call: that means that the camera you just spent $3,000 on won’t last, the meal that cost a fortune (or even just a dollar) won’t last, the looks of the attractive guy (or girl) won’t last, and everything else that we see around us… won’t be around for eternity. wow. let’s take a second to let that really seep into our minds. the realization that all of things i feel as if i need (or simply just want) simply will not is pretty harsh. i feel as if i have completely bought into the fiasco of american consumerism. when we live by faith and not by sight, we will see the things of this world through the light of eternity. and that changes things! by having the eyes of faith, we are living out the lives that Christ called us to live.

the concept of living by faith rather than sight is a challenge in and of itself. it’s so uncommon to us! we see things; we want them. here’s to changing our minds… and changing our eyes. make it a point to look at things through the eyes of faith rather than through worldly eyes which only see temporary things, no matter how beautiful. (just think, monet’s paintings, mozart’s ballads, christian siriano’s designs, the president’s status; it’s all temporary.) how about that for putting things into perspective.