today is one of those perfect-weathered, blissful days that simply cannot be bad no matter how hard it tries. (at least…. that’s the attitude i’m going to keep for all of today). the fact that i can be outside in my favorite pants and just a basic t brings me ultimate joy. not to mention the fact that i was one of those cool, artsy people that spreads out all of their tools and papers all over the ground as if it was their bedroom, and then proceeds to make a mess and call it art. yes, that was me today. in the amphitheater of all places too! so far, this post has been narcissistic nonsense, and i’m going to warn you up front: that might be all that’s in this post. i simply feel like writing right now, and i have an hour to kill. so that’s what i plan on doing! if you’re someone that reads my ramble regularly (how about that for alliteration??), i’m sorry that i haven’t written in quite a while. life incessantly becomes busy right before my eyes, and i have to take charge of that. looking back over my week, the past few days have indeed been interesting. discouragement was knocking at my doorstep. i presented a miniature shower that i made out of wood that i cut with my own two hands. three chapters of biology were read and “applied” in about a day and a half. tiredness crept up like a snake. i made some new friends and had a good conversation with an old one. i started a new workout that i know will transform my body. i went shopping with good friends, including sorina groza all the way from romania. and today, i’m just a stereotypical college student sitting outside with paint splattered fingers, plaid on my back, and windswept hair. and you know what. i really could not be more content.

i always find it funny how God’s timing works. this week started out as such a discouragement. lies of worthlessness and failure and destruction infiltrated my mind with a fury. when this happens (as it occasionally does for me), i unfortunately buy in to the lies. even though i know that they are false. isn’t that so dumb? as negativity comes upon me though, i am always reminded of God’s grace. and this week, i read about how the Lord uses our weaknesses to make him look stronger. how about that for putting things into perspective? i read this message from Paul the night that discouragement was penetrating the most. (ironic timing, don’t you think?) and that’s when it hit me, that it’s okay to not be the greatest or to even get frustrated when what you’re trying to do doesn’t work out so well. it’s in these weaknesses that God’s glory can be known, and so often we try to hide our weaknesses. i know i definitely do this. but let’s face it, we aren’t perfect people. and we all have different strengths and weaknesses. with that being said however, we should own our weaknesses! and be proud of them. because through these weaker areas, God’s glory can (and will) be made known…. if we let him have control of our weaknesses. when we hold on to our weaknesses and don’t let anyone see them, we’re holding out on God. when we surrender our weaknesses to God, that is when truly great things can happen.

there you have it. those are my thoughts for today. i’m looking forward to running in this perfect weather in approximately an 2 hours. have a happy weekend!