today is one of those mornings where i am surprisingly not as irritable as my lack of sleep should permit. bed time last night was 3:20 a.m. and the alarm clock went off at 6:00 a.m. …..granted i did not roll out of bed until 6:40; nonetheless, my eyelids are quite heavy today.

last night i studied for hours about probability and z-scores and t-scores and other nonsense that has to do with statistics. i had a pomegranite-green tea break at 12:20, and at about 2:40 i said, “i am done with this.” so i crawled in my bed and proceeded to read the book of job. for quite some time at that hour of the morning.

also, yesterday i was so happy to have a little brunch at starbucks with one of my very best friends… none other than amanda muirhead. oh how it warms my heart to swap stories! stories of love, stories of stress, stories of hilarity, stories of punishment, and stories that are still in the process of being written- which are sometimes the best! i tell you, some passion herbal tea, a slice of lemon pound cake, and a best friend never fails to get the day off to a good start. i’m quite certain that she and i could be separated by a whole continent and half a year and still pick up right where we left off. and you know what, i love that. in many ways, she and i are different as day and night. but in more ways, we lean on each other. as cliche as this is about to sound…. “lean on me, when you’re not strong.” there you have it. hope you enjoyed that slice of cheese this morning.

i’m sorry that this is one big ramble and doesn’t have much deep content to it. the thing is, i just really don’t like sleeping during the day, and i’m afraid that if i let myself relax any more i’ll be out like a light… maybe i’ll write with some real content in the near future. happy tuesday.