so it appears that i have not written in…. 20 days. this is very odd and disgruntling to me. you know why? because i learn more when i write; i notice my passions more when i write; i feel free when i write. and having that i haven’t been typing a single thing in the past 3 weeks is simply unsettling. granted, these have probably been 3 of the busiest weeks of my life. UT singers tour/spring break was thrown in there along with wedding shenanigans and having a social life. during this time, i’ve laughed; i’ve cried. i’ve made really hard decisions; i’ve made new friends. i even made a scarf. i’ve been frustrated. i’ve been tired. i’ve been excited. i’ve been anxious. i’ve been overwhelmed.

all there is to say about that is…. there are a lot of ‘i’s being used up there. and i’m not really okay with it. i will be honest in saying that i have not been selfless recently. that is not something i am proud to say, but it is true. my priorities have been thwarted, and that has affected my every day actions. Jesus needs to be number one at all times. not just at the times when it’s convenient. and that is something that i have neglected recently. but also something that i am changing! Jesus is the most important thing. why would we not want to spend every single day learning about him!? he’s all the we have.

and here’s a little shout out to my sister, caitlyn….. she’s getting married in 4 days. that is crazy! and i am so excited for her. and for bradley too. nothing makes me happier than a wedding. well, nothing except a marriage that is rooted in Christ and has two people that have fallen madly in love with each other. now that i absolutely love.