we’ve all heard the news: osama bin laden- dead. america’s most threatening terrorist has now met his demise. new insights about the war on terror now that bin laden has been killed.

i cannot tell you how unsettling this is to me. all day, i felt a funk in my mood, and i completely know it’s reasoning. there are two reasons really; one, i might discuss at a later time in life, and the other i will address right now. i am very sad about the death of this man, osama bin laden. that sounds strange, huh? granted, it should. yes, he was involved with terrorist attacks on my country, and yes, he was an instigator of fear and war that will impact our country for now on. but he is a man. he was created by God. psalm 139:13 applies for him too. (it’s not just Christians that were knit together in their mother’s wombs). and people are rejoicing in his death. fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are rejoicing in this man going to hell, and i just do not get it. that is not okay. how can we be excited and joyful and praising and thanking Jesus for a man being killed? this man will now spend eternity separated from Christ. and writing this right now brings tears to my eyes because i know the joy that i have found in Christ, and i can only imagine how his life could have been changed through Christ. some people reading this might think: “that’s completely absurd. there is absolutely 100%, no way that osama bin laden could have ever come to know Christ.” really? is that the kind of mentality we should have? easy answer: NO. let’s look at saul for a quick second. was he a murderer? yes. was his goal to kill Christians? yes. was he feared by the world? yes. now let’s look at bin laden. does he share any of those same qualities of saul? easy answer: yes. but as we all know…… saul became paul! he was changed through Christ which literally changed everything. his mission was no longer to kill, steal, and destroy; it was to bring glory to the Most High. what if osama bin laden met Christ? and decided to travel the world preaching the Good News? what if…? that what if has been cut short now. and he will be encapsulated by darkness forevermore.

with all that being said, how can we, as christians, rejoice in this death? why are so many chanting “USA! USA! USA!” all because of his death? this world is not any closer to finding peace through the death of one man. our peace can only come from Jesus Christ who is working all things together for our good. we can cling to that promise, that’s for sure. i ask you to examine your thoughts today. are you rejoicing in this death? are you satisfied with knowing that another person will now never see Jesus face to face? what we think about is what is in our hearts, and we are called to set our hearts on things above (colossians 3:1). think about the eternal impact that was made last night, not the temporary impact that it has already made in this world. yes, he killed. yes, i would probably be a little scared of him. yes, he has done wrong. we have done the same things as he in our hearts though. sin is sin. i only wish he could have known the forgiveness and freedom that i know.