i have officially been at woodlands camp for a week! and it feels like such a blessing just to be here. i have met so many incredible people, and they really do feel like family! i don’t know where to start, so i’m just going to give a recap of my week and what i’ve been learning along the way:

standing in the parking lot, staring at nearly all unfamiliar faces, i didn’t really feel like i would ever belong. making small talk and trying to make good first impressions was the objective at hand. naturally, i wasn’t being my true self. i was quiet and couldn’t find things to talk about  with people. the first two days at camp were a little rough for me. in completely honesty, i felt like crying and coming home those two days. day 3 was when i gave in. i pushed myself to hang out with some of the girls. we worked out together, ate together, and cleaned nearly every surface on camp together. and i felt like i belonged. there is something so special about 54 college students coming together to serve the Lord for their entire summer together. we’ve spent hours pouring into His Word this week. nights filled with prayer and worship. i can’t imagine myself being anywhere else than here right now. something i am working on this week is finding my identity in Christ. and being transparent. what does that mean exactly? to be real and raw with the sin that is in our life. when we’re transparent, we’re being real. we’re letting our Christian brothers and sisters know the real stuff that is going on in our lives. i’m also realizing the essentialness of prayer in our lives. we need Christ every moment of the day. and we need to stay in communication with him all throughout the day! there have been so many things to learn and just let sink in this week. it’s also been VERY tiring. something i cling to: when we are weak, He is made strong. isn’t that a great promise? please continue to pray for the full time staff, summer staff, and campers here at woodlands camp! satan is lingering right outside our door, but God hears the prayers of righteous people.

one more thing: i saw the biggest spider i have ever seen in my life this week. i get chills every time i think about it. i also get a little nervous every time i get in bed each night just incase there’s a spider there….. eeek!

my goal is to write every weekend about the previous week pertaining to what’s going on here at camp and how God is impacting lives here.

p.s. please write to me. letters are so encouraging! i get so excited when i see a note or a letter in my mailbox.

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