i’ve come to the conclusion that weeks feel like days and days feel like weeks. when it comes to waking up in the morning and going to bed at night, it seems as if there are at least 72 hours in one day. (just think of how much could be done if there actually were!) with all that being said… it is easy to get sleeeeeeeepy!

i felt a bit broken this week. i felt many frustrations and much discouragement throughout my days (which seemed to last weeks). i felt as if i just couldn’t get my act together towards the beginning of this week. i was late to the kitchen twice this week. once, was very significant….. an hour. you see, i had my alarm set at 4:40 so i would be up and in the kitchen at 5; however, i turned my alarm completely off and woke up at 5:53. such a disaster. i had never rushed to the kitchen so fast nor had i apologized about lateness in excess to that extent. it turns out the delivery truck had just arrived minutes before i did, so that did soothe my soul a little. but not much! it was definitely a God thing that i fell back asleep and woke back up when i did though. throughout all of these frustrations i’ve faced this week, i’ve learned to be more dependent on the Lord and to be extremely observant of my surroundings and why God called me to be where i am. God’s purposes far outweigh my little frustrations and complications even though i might not understand his reasoning at the time.

On the flipside of frustrationland, the campers i was able to be around this week were such a blessing. when i have free time and at nights, i hang out with missy smith and her cabin. i love missy to death. she has such a cheerful spirit and a glow that shines Jesus through and through. i just love getting to know her more and more. on monday, she told her girls that i absolutely loved bear hugs… from that moment on, i received about 20 bear hugs a day from 9 + 10 year olds. and i adored each one of them. these girls were especially sweet this week. i enjoyed loving on them more than they know. they were all so curious about the knowledge of the Bible and asked deep, inquisitive questions pertaining to it. you know, the questions that we’ve all had that are nearly impossible to answer. “how did God get here? who created him? how did Jesus ascend? will such-n-such be in heaven? how do you know God was never married?” try explaining what a bridegroom is to a 9 year old… good times, for sure. each girl was so sweet though. it was such a joy being able to spend time with them, even though it was only for a little while each day.

the Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.

psalm 29:11

this verse spoke to my every need this week. plagued with tiredness and restlessness and distracting thoughts, the Lord wrapped a blanket of peace around my shoulders and a strength to push through tiredness that i was unaware i had. rereading a journal entry from the day that i read this verse pinpoints the exact struggles that i had been facing this week. how thankful i am for peace from the Lord and for his healing hand. each distraction was satan’s way of pulling me away from Jesus this week, and i do not want to let him have a foothold. especially in my mind. each week… shoot, each day allows me to learn from the Lord and calls for dependence on him. there are so many things to be learned. and so much of God’s glory to behold.

one cool thing i made in the kitchen this week: s’more brownies. brownies + marshmallow creme + crumbled graham crackers. and voila! dessert deliciousness.

please continue praying for all of us here at camp! some specific things you could pray for me about: having a good attitude at all times, wisdom when speaking with campers, a diligent heart. for our counselors: wisdom and God’s strength to push through tiredness and illnesses. full time staff is always in need of much prayer too! thank you so much. the Lord does indeed hear the prayers of righteous people.  in addition to those, please read the following link. https://www.facebook.com/notes/woodlands-camp/urgent-prayer-request/10150194021982035

thank you so much to those of you who have written letters. you would not believe how encouraging they are throughout the week. one letter is sometimes a day changer for me. so if you have an urge to write……..

courtney gibson

1242 old blue creek rd.

cleveland, GA 30528

p.s. i’ll be home next weekend!