ladies + gentlemen, it certainly has been quite some time hasn’t it? sophomore year has commenced, i moved out, and low and behold, i ventured up to new york city. having that that was the most exciting/interesting part of my life since i last wrote, that is what i’ll expound upon.

i had the strange opportunity of a lifetime to shadow a photographer in NYC during fashion week. a little girl’s dream right? and somehow it was becoming a reality for me. i hopped on a plane the second week in september and before i knew it, i was in a cab on the busy streets of the concrete jungle. such a surreal experience. it’s almost hard describe! and since i feel like i can’t do the trip justice with my words, pictures will do just fine.

the main entrance to the shows at lincoln center

no one famous, just a duo strutting their stuff

crop top + a hat outside lincoln center

THE manolo blahnik shoe store, aka a playground for the shoe obsessed

sarah jessica parker inside monolo blahnik for fashion's night out

sjp smiles while she signs; all too surreal- fashion's night out

seth meyer bartending at coach- fashion's night out

drake performing a live show at versace- fashion's night out

backstage @ rebecca taylor

backstage @ rebecca taylor

ambiance inside the tent at the rebecca taylor show

inside the show at lincoln center- rebecca taylor

crowd shot waiting to get in at the high line

bold colored street fashion

you've got male- street fashion

corner street fashion

bright orange steps- street fashion

holy architecture- location unknown

street fashion outside of prabal gurung

a blur of corrine bailey rae- outside prabal gurung

militia-like jacket- outside prabal gurung

street fashion- prabal gurung

brightly colored street fashion- prabal gurung

arrival at prabal gurung

model for prabal gurung

model from prabal gurung

helmet lang

the stride- helmet lang

helmet lang

helmet lang

street fashion with feathers- lincoln center

street fashion on wheels- lincoln center

inside timo weiland

timo weiland

timo weiland

timo weiland

lincoln center

cityscape at night just outside lincoln center

 the thing is, the pictures could never do it justice.